Made a movie, called it Broken…

…as did 4 other filmmakers in 2005 (according to IMDb). At the time, I thought the title would be both novel and appropriate, maybe I’m stupid that way. Fuck it, I should’ve gone with Ben Hur, that’s got some legs. For whatever it’s worth, some of the other Brokens sound pretty interesting. I’ve seen the trailer for Alex Ferrari’s and the cinematography is stunning, and this one is a surprisingly dark short by Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper from Wonder Years). So I guess there’s something for being in good company.

Info on my Broken can be found here and its MySpace page is here. It’s a twisted mess of a dark comedy, and certainly an acquired taste, but I’m pretty pleased with the final product. Frankly, I’m growing tired of blathering on about it, trying to explain what it is rather than what it’s not, not to mention my growing suspicion of diy self-promotion. The need is self-evident but I’m finding the process can be dangerously myopic and corrupting.

So much for all that. Sometime this summer, I’ll move forward with DVD self-distro plans and it will be in the hands of the viewing public. Oh, that crazy viewing public.


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