Spring Forward

May was a pretty good month for “Quicksand Under Carpet”, the music video I directed for New Radiant Storm King. A week after premiering at the New Haven Underground Film Festival, it screened at the Florida Music Festival as part of the Indie Film Jam and—much to my shock—was awarded “Best of Fest”. I know, false modesty is for politicians and pageant queens, but if I had a vote I’d have been hard pressed not to cast it for Andrew Watson’s video for Bill Madden’s “Gone”. That said, I am grateful and appreciative. It’s a badass award from an up-and-coming film and music festival.

On Memorial Day, I was in Seattle to take part in the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. Quicksand screened in a block of shorts that featured excessive male nudity, masked demons and mindless violence, and that’s all within the sketch comedy of local duo Black Daisy. Seattle’s got a nice alt-comedy scene bubbling to the surface and it was good to be back in the PNW to get a glimpse, regardless of how brief. The festival also provided a rewarding opportunity to meet other New York-area filmmakers. It didn’t hurt that they were responsible for a couple of the better films I viewed while there: Jeremy Cohen’s “The Great Pretenders” and Steve Blahitka’s “Orgy Tonight!”

And that is the point, I guess. Besides the swag and the booze and the parties.

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