Broken DVD To Drop Today

In keeping with the month ending lamb-wise, the hotly anticipated DVD release of my feature Broken saunters lazily onto today, March 20, 2008. I was thinking about working a sidewalk sale across from Greeley Square to push a Genesis reference (because, really, you can’t have enough Genesis references) but I figured, A. It would be way too cryptic and, B. I’d have to contend with the pirates who have the entrance to the Manhattan Mall pretty well occupied.


But back to Broken, the DVD features the complete cut of the film, trailers, production design samples and a conversation between Paul Phipps and I. Damn, that sounds so good, I might buy one myself. Seriously, I’m extremely pleased with how it came out and fairly confident that “if you get it, you’ll dig it.”


And, as an extra special bit of supersized madness, soon won’t be the only place to find the DVD. Within the next 2-3 weeks, Broken will be available directly from the Pedestrian site:… as a Deluxe Limited Edition with Board Game! Yes, you read that correctly.


Stay tuned.


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