Be a Winner in the Game of… er, yeah… nevermind

Don’t say you weren’t warned. What started out as a sardonic joke has materialized into full-color, three-dimensional, dice-rolling reality! As of April 2, 2008—the day AFTER April Fool’s Day—the feature film Broken will be available as a Special Deluxe Edition complete with a board game based on the film. In the tradition of classics such as Candyland®, Sorry® and Life®, Broken the Game takes players on a careening journey through the world of Todd Kellogg. Will you make it to the Dairi Quik to pick up a bag of Pizza Things? Will you ever find something good on TV? Why does it feel like you’re always moving backwards? These questions will all be answered (or at least asked) when you play the one board game that demands that you stay on the couch and have another beer.

Available exclusively from


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