White Room

Back in the nineteen-eighties, there was this contraption that we called a “television”, and on it we would watch music videos on a channel called “music television”—or MTV for the sake of brevity. A common visual motif among these nascent rock spectacles was the use of what’s known as a white cyclorama—simply a large space, painted completely white, with a curved transition from the ceiling to the floor. What it allowed was for the subject (in this case, the band) to stand out on a perfectly blank, seamless canvas. As my puberty coincided with the advent of the MTV, that aesthetic was hardwired into my unconscious at a very absorbent age. I’m happy to announce I’ve finally been able to channel this predilection for sparsity via my most recent collaboration with New Radiant Storm King. Clouds Cover Everything is nearing completion and below is a small taste, courtesy of Carl Derrick. More later.

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