Smoky Hot Links

The volume of readers that I can drive to another blog is scant, at best, but I implore anyone who’s fingers have led them to this site to check out what Mike Everleth is doing over on Bad Lit. He’s started a chronological history of underground film in the seventies and so far, he’s up to 1978… that’s right, those halcyon Lower East Side days. I’ve already told him that if ever there was a writer who should tackle a genuine treatise on underground film, it would be him. Let’s put something together, publishers, this man needs an advance.

And while I’m dolling out the linkage, filmmaker Jeffrey Goodman has been keeping a running journal for Moviemaker about his experiences self-distributing The Last Lullaby, a contemporary film noir that I caught at this year’s Oxford Film Festival. The film is a canny, nicely-paced showcase for Tom Sizemore and the blog serves as a surprisingly practical (not to mention, valuable) chronicle of what exactly a filmmaker is biting off when they decide to take their film on the road.

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