All the World’s a Stage

Had the opportunity to drive down to Spiderwood Studios Friday night for the Mobile Film School’s Frame X Frame fundraiser. Yes, it’s hard to say no to a good cause, but when it’s paired with free booze? C’mon, resistance is futile. It was also a chance to do a little fact-finding down in Utley. Spiderwood consists of three soundstages—the largest of which is 100′ x 60’—and an assortment of production offices, kitchens, makeup rooms, meeting spaces and a prop shop. In addition, plans are apparently set for breaking ground on a fourth stage three times as large as their current largest, so they’re certainly taking the proverbial bull by the metaphoric horns. I’ll admit I admire their aggressiveness and optimism but with the struggling economic climate and the Texas Legislature’s pending vote on an increased film-incentives program, not to mention the re-opening of Austin Studios in the center of town, it’ll be interesting to chart Spiderwood’s success. Who knows? It is an impressive complex and seeing as I’m creeping toward pre-production on a feature that in all likelihood would require a soundstage, it was an extremely informative tour. Now (or soon, at least) I’ll need to address that quibbling detail of how to come up with the scratch to pay for it.

3 thoughts on “All the World’s a Stage

  1. Spiderwood says:

    Thanks for the acknowledgment of Spiderwood. Adding to your description of the Studio, I would like to include the BACK-LOT, approx. 200 acre “clean and production groomed” BACK-LOT located along the Colorado River with a variation of terrain, forests (old & new), 4 fields, creeks, cliffs, and boat ramp. Lots of water and elec. power.

  2. Spiderwood says:

    Love for you to tour the great “back-lot” at Spiderwood Studios. The JUMBO “Green Screen” is under construction and should be complete first of June, that too will be a great sight to see.

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