I Call This, “The Catch-Up”

I was several months late to the news that the newly “reunited” Swirlies had started touring and releasing free downloads of old tracks (and some full albums), but it warms my black heart nonetheless. Damn, listening to Upstairs for the first time in years is like finding an old, all-green bank note stuffed into a pocket of your favorite jacket. It also prompted me to check out the status of the other artists whose generosity I managed to exploit for the soundtrack to Broken. Predictably, they’re all going strong…

Moral Crux recently had four albums remastered and re-released through Jailhouse! Records, one of which is their self-titled debut, as apt and vital a document of 80’s suburban punk ennui as you will find. In other words, this it is not.

Tobin Sprout has just finished recording another album under the name Bevel Web and released a beautifully surreal children’s book (!) which he wrote and illustrated.

Lesion released their most recent CD Seniors Ball last Halloween (naturally) and DVDs of all their movies have been reissued. Having seen most of these films I can attest to the psychosexual side effects.

Of course, anyone who’s read my semi-coherent ramblings already knows that Drinking In The Moonlight by New Radiant Storm King dropped last fall, but this spring they had a previously unreleased track included on Darla’s 16th anniversary compilation… and, yes, it rocks.

Some welcome good news. Who says the Interwebs is only good for celebrity death hoaxes?

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