Oh Ten

I’ll admit it. I haven’t started the new year off on the right foot. I’m behind on several projects that I had planned to finish before the aughts were over (if they’re truly over) and I’ve been finding myself falling into bouts of cynicism and inertia with alarming frequency. But it’s easy to get distracted when your homeland is evidently going batshit crazy. I know, I know, these things require perspective. Politically, I find it hard to identify with either party and await, with skeptical anticipation, the arrival of a truly functional third party. I also fully realize that, with the ascension of Fox News, the concept of reality has been officially opened for debate, but what the bleeding fuck? How far through the lookinglass do you need to travel to find this little douchebag referred to, without a hint of irony, as a filmmaker or a journalist? That justice will prevail and he’ll do some time would be a comforting thought, but with friends like these I seriously doubt it. On the positive side, I did learn a little German this week. Here’s to the teens.

2 thoughts on “Oh Ten

  1. hollinsworth says:

    Yeah, although his “manifesto” was chock full of contradictions, most self-styled anti-tax disciples carry around a grab bag full of economic, social and religious sentiments that aren’t exactly what you’d call consistent. My concern is that he becomes a Tea Party martyr… just what they need.

    I did find the the comment about Austin having a “highly inflated sense of self-importance,” pretty amusing, though.

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