Hot Freaks Time Machine

Within the past ten days, the wife and I have managed to see the Pixies perform Doolittle in its entirety at the Austin Music Hall, Pavement at Stubb’s and Guided By Voices (The “classic” lineup) at the new Eastside Drive In. In addition to this glut, within the past year, we’ve seen Gordon Gano, Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr. and Lou Barlow (solo) three times. Is this what it feels like to get old? Here are my random thoughts:

Kim Deal would be the ultimate party hostess. Even when I first saw the Pixies start their slow, angry unravelling back in 1991, she always carried herself with unflagging grace and good humor.

Although I prefer Come On Pilgrim or Surfer Rosa, Doolittle has a depth that I had forgotten about. There are some hidden gems contained in that stretch between “Monkey Gone to Heaven” and “Gouge Away”.

This truly felt like a final farewell for the Pixies. By the end of the final encore you could feel a palpable sense of gratitude mixed with equal parts exhaustion.

Now that he has chops, Malkmus can extend those solos that were originally sloppy and minimalist into Neil Youngian jams. That’s right, Youngian.

I’m aware there’s a sizable percentage that find Bob Nastanovich’s schtick a little tired but I still think he’s one of the most entertaining people I’ve ever seen on a stage. Then again, I’ve always had an appreciation for the human metronome.

Interesting that Tobin Sprout was allocated almost three times the songs as Spiral Stairs. I have no real opinion as I’m genuinely a fan of both. Just found it interesting.

Everyone gets older and wiser. With maybe the exception of Mitch Mitchell.

I was shocked at how many people could sing along, verse-by-verse, the early GBV stuff. There’s a certain odd charm to hearing, “For the dreams of the Weed King we all sing!” emanate from a crowd of aging hipsters.

“Don’t Stop Now” actually will jerk a tear to your eye.

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