Foo News

So I took part in this Foo Fighters music video competition and, surprisingly (to me, I guess), sustained a minor amount of why-would-you-want-to-direct-a-Foo-Fighters-video flack. As I’ve never been shy about expressing my opinions on the inherent personal corruption associated with “selling out”, I suppose I can understand this. But, to be perfectly honest, I can’t comprehend why I wouldn’t want to direct a Foo Fighters video. I dare you to find me a more perfect pop song than “Everlong”. Go ahead, it can’t be done. Because it’s perfect. And a band that has worked with Michel Gondry, Liam Lynch, Jesse Peretz and Gerald Casale? Fine, I’ll join that club. Until I helm the latest from the recently-reunited “Worst Band In The World”, I think you can cut me a little slack.

Info I probably shouldn’t leave out: the video is for the song “These Days”. It’s a solid track on an album—Wasting Light—that I’ll go ahead and say is among their best. Dave Grohl recorded it analogue-style in his Encino garage, with guests Bob Mould and Krist Novocelic… and Pat Smear, who is back with the band full time… and it was produced by Butch Vig. Jesus, I’d be excited about this even if I hadn’t directed a video.

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