Eat The Medium


With a narrative assembled from unrelated story sketches that I’d been fabricating with Hartford Art School classmate Michael Mongillo over several years since graduation, Circuit was originally conceived as a feature. Financial constraints–coupled with the evolving scope of the project–forced the film into a tight (if scraggly) twenty minute short. Utilizing friends for the cast and crew, many of them H.A.S. grads themselves, and a handful of locations around New England, Circuit was shot over a period of two years and edited at Boston Film/Video Foundation’s then-new digital editing facilities. Thanks to Vimeo, it can now be seen in it’s entirety here. Below is the original Film Threat Video Guide Review (yes, they used to print magazines on paper):

A series of very short, bizarre and often humorous vignettes that flow like an odd stream of consciousness into each other, Circuit immediately sucked me into its strange world where I remained a welcome captive for an all-too-brief 20 minutes. A particularly enjoyable scene featured a gaggle of animal rights protesters getting the crap beaten out of them by several rogue cops. Created on an obviously limited budget, writer/director Jay Hollinsworth manages to deliver an entertaining little film which I heartily recommend, especially for those of you with nothing better to do than get drunk or high and watch odd things on the tele.

– Scott Russo

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