Lucky 13

In an attempt to resurrect this blog from its year-plus-long coma, I’m going to admit to some harsh realities. Last year was difficult professionally, even as it was completely fulfilling from a personal perspective. Fatherhood is as gratifying I expected and then some, but a project that I spent most of the year slowly piecing together fell apart like a stack of newspapers in a windstorm. This isn’t a blog about fatherhood, it’s about making stuff and making stuff was a tough haul for me last year. I suppose that’s what you get when you commit to creating media on your own, without financial subsistence or complicity with outside interests. It’s why the man calls it “independent”. Buy the ticket, take the ride, as a writer, much more familiar with forced consciousness expansion than I, once said.

The failure of 2012 did rattle my cage and redirect me back to a handful of projects that have always been close at hand. Hopefully, throughout the year, I can share the details of these projects, as they each evolve and take shape. Then again, I make no promises.

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