The Obedience of Fools

In my weird blog exile, I obviously neglected to pass along some cool shit to the eyes that actually look at the things that I type into this blathery box of narcissism, as thin as their numbers may be. I’m not overestimating my influence, I just enjoy sharing. It’s what the internets are meant for. They’re tubes, after all.

Kentucker Audley is an actor and filmmaker living in Memphis and he’s put together a pretty fantastic outlet for viewing independent film. So far, the selection on NoBudge reflects Audley’s personal predilection: the kind of raw, personal, non-genre stuff that some (who should know better) are still calling mumblecore. What’s nice is that this bias isn’t a drawback, it’s actually a virtue. The films on NoBudge weren’t approved by a committee or panel of experts, they reflect a very specific viewpoint. It seems pretty clear that Audley has no desire to create the next Fandor or MUBI, themselves independent/art house alternatives to Netflix or iTunes. He’s carving out his own niche, and he’s doing a superb job of it.

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