Secondary Colors

Deep into the Spring and I have a short animated film finally nearing completion. Since it has a title that’s already prompted several questions, I figured I’d give the answer once, and only once, right here. The title, Yellow and Red Make Orange, derives from a very early version of the original short story (before it was ever a script). An argument between a father and son over the superiority of the big box of 64 Crayola crayons over the meager box of 8 leads to the assertion that the box of 8 is actually more beneficial because it teaches the basics of color theory and how to mix hues. At some point, the line, “why would I need an orange when yellow and red make orange,” is uttered. It was one of those lines that you just pluck from your memory, without any conscious thought given to its metaphorical significance. So, while the line is gone and the Crayola reference is now buried in a tossed off line of dialogue, the subtext remains. As if this doesn’t make it evident by now, this is a film about getting by. I’ll post more about it soon.

Pitching Pennies

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