Texas Never Whispers

Scanners_-_head_explosionThis place is a lot to take. While I knew that before moving down here, I wasn’t prepared for how Texas state politics can become so personal and infuriating. Perhaps it’s because the bills the State GOP and the Governor tend to set aside as their pet projects are so Draconian and overreaching that anyone with a functioning brain tends to react with outrage, bewilderment, or ridicule. Often all three. Or maybe it’s because these bills are written by people like this. Or this. Or this. To make this post, unlike much of what I’ve harangued all over Facebook and Twitter for the past several weeks, short and sweet, I’ve been distracted by the corrupt circus that passes as politics in this, the Republic of Texas, to get to the serious work of making films. The animated short, Yellow and Red Make Orange, is moving slowly along (as in frame by frame) but it’s nearing completion. And it has a ridiculously impressive score, provided by Will Johnson, of Centro-Matic, Overseas, and… well, Will Johnson. I watched a rough cut with the score mix last week and nearly cried. Maybe it was exhaustion. Or anger.

Later this week, I also hope to drop some news about From the Gut, the other short that I’m in post-production on. So that’s good news, I guess. And that walking Aqua Net ad Rick Perry isn’t running for reelection. Maybe things are looking up.

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