BrokenWhile I’m admittedly behind the curve on this, my first feature Broken is finally available for viewing on demand:

I’ll post some reviews soon. In the meantime, here’s a blurb from our press release…

Broken wasn’t supposed to be Jay Hollinsworth’s first feature. He had just completed the cult favorite Circuit and he and Michael Mongillo had intended to shoot a low budget road movie over the summer of ’96. One lost job, new apartment, and broken-down car later, they found themselves with little money to get anything off the ground, let alone a film requiring travel, multiple locations, and car rigs. So Dairi Quick, a script Hollinsworth originally intended for a thirty minute short, was adapted and the two blindly dove in head first. What neither could foresee is how the crazed disorder on the page could so easily infect the actual making of the film. In several so-ironic-it’s-not-ironic-anymore occurrences, real life began to conspire against the forward progress of filmmaking, causing the actual production of the film to encompass over six years of the filmmakers’ lives. With the completion of the film and the benefit of hindsight, it’s actually rather difficult to view the footage now without a certain amount of art/life edge blurring. As if the intended goal was some twisted reality show from the frayed consciousness of an overmedicated frontal lobe patient. Hmmm. Well, actually…

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