Kind Words

Fortunately, there are a few film people on the collection of tubes that we call the internet who are actually thoughtful and conscientious about what they write. They were able to watch Broken and resist the trap of evaluating it on what it wasn’t, rather than what it was. Here are some of their comments:

“One interesting piece of filmmaking. The story unfolds as the fragmented memories of Todd Kellogg, played by Paul Phipps, as he hops through various thoughts and situations, the sum of which add up to his life at the moment. The film was shot on beautiful 16mm and, when it is shown in its pristine state, is something beautiful.”
Pete Bauer, MicroCinema Scene

“To really appreciate this movie you have to abandon the comparisons to “edgy” Hollywood fare like Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect. You’d be much better off thinking of it as a visual equivalent of the lo-fi indie rock of bands like Sentridoh and Smog. Much like that music, it can be difficult, technologically fuzzy, and often embarrassingly solipsistic. If that sounds like it’s down your alley, go for it.”
Matthew Hrachovec, Pixelzine

Broken is a great showcase for Phipps and Boland, who should go on to good indie acting careers like Martin Donovan (star of Hartley’s The Unbelievable Truth and Trust), if they choose to. Meanwhile, Hollinsworth proves to be a creative filmmaker when he doesn’t have too much to work with: A creative script, two actors, a few simple locations (mainly one) and the rest created digitally. Nice.”
Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal

“Think about the dreams you have at night. Generally they’re lacking in coherence as they jump from scene to scene, often containing imagery and events that make little sense to a waking consciousness, but while observed in a dreamstate, everything seems normal, no matter how absurd it is. Among the dream imagery we all experience from time to time, we also have bits mixed in with people we know and even dreams that relate to events we may have experienced with them or that we wish we could have experienced with them. Well that’s this movie in a nutshell. It’s a dream with much of its foundations in events that actually happened, yet peppered with surreal imagery and events that actually didn’t.”
Duane L. Martin, Rogue Cinema

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