Governor Quixote

Governor Quixote

Maybe it’s because money is so tight or because I’m finding Texas increasingly inhospitable to rational speculation, but this Jade Helm bullshit is gnawing at my brain. I realize my output has still been scant and I promise I’ll get back to blogging about movies or writing or art at some point, but I feel I need to unload another rant, albeit a small one…

While everyone laughs at our Governor for his tin-foil/Alex Jones psychopathy, what’s going unnoticed is that Texans, as taxpayers, are paying for this embarrassing nonsense. This is far from the first time Abbott has shamelessly wasted our money tilting at Federal windmills. As Attorney General, he spent $2.58 million of taxpayer money on 27 lawsuits against the Federal Government from the moment Obama took office, attacking frequent Tea Party targets like Obamacare and the Clean Air Act. That’s not conservatism, it’s radical anti-government extravagance. And it’s what happens when you elect someone with the intellectual maturity of a Golden Retriever to run your state. Texas’s “economic miracle” could be coming to a close sooner that most people think. When voters elect these kind of politicians, they only lock in a future of hardship.

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