Two For One

2 for 1 Drink SpecialsIn an effort to catch up for a ton of neglect on this blog, I’m doing a two-for-one… or “2 subjects, 1 post” if you prefer.

One: In cheerful news, Kat Candler’s feature Hellion is premiering tomorrow (June 13) all over the country. This is the film that originated as a six-minute short and was expanded by Kat and Producer Kelly Williams into a shockingly high-profile film starring Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, and newcomer Josh Wiggins. Go see it. Sure, to support indie film, but also to support things that are made with passion and brains and heart.

Two: Back in March, when this was all shaking out, I was hoping to be able to share some exciting news (as well as footage), but as events all too often tend to conspire against anything uncomplicated, I can only really talk about what might have been my involvement in a Bob Mould music video. David Wexler and I did the usual “hands to action stations” routine and within a couple of days managed to organize a shoot around a rare rehearsal by Bob and his band in Austin… during SXSW. Anyone who’s ever attempted anything other than watching movies/bands and drinking beer during this 2-week period, realizes how monumental a task that is. But we pulled it off, and captured some dynamic and striking images; images that ultimately didn’t fit into the video for I Don’t Know You Anymore. As I’m growing pretty weary of talking about projects that “almost happened”, I’ll just leave these here and move on…

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Texas Forever

…And while I’m in a SXSW groove, it’s worth finally getting around to heaping some more praise on Kat Candler’s Hellion. This is the film that started several years ago as a short, but has morphed into a critically-acclaimed observation of Southeast Texas rural/metal/bored youth melancholia starring Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis. Within the swirl of the festivities down here, it’s gone somewhat unnoticed that the film has been picked up for theatrical distribution by Sundance Selects and Kat has been signed by ICM Partners. Couldn’t happen to a better film/filmmaker.